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We are Committed to Staying Safe and Staying Open 

Concept Delta is committed to keeping our business and our customers safe including during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes taking steps to limit the spread, and health and economic impact of this terrible disease.

These steps include: 

  • Washing our hands regularly and specifically before and after each project.

  • Wearing facial coverings while interacting with customers and/or working together within close proximity or within the community. 

  • Regularly cleaning common touch areas both within the shop and on customer vehicles. This includes sanitizing interior high touch areas at the completion of work. 

  • Hand sanitizer is available for guests convenience. 

  • Working with our partners to ensure training and travel for employees is conducted with safety in consideration. 

  • Not working at the shop or interacting with customers if sick. 


Stay Safe,

Concept Delta 

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